Easter homily: tomorrow

Am I arrogant? Am I proud? Am I everything you have been describing out loud? Do you have a clue what its like to be me? If you could spend time in my shoes perhaps it would cure your vision of me. I was born into a world in which I will never fully belong before I learned to speak I sang sorrows song. My eyes see things others ignore. My voice was once stolen , yet later restored. I am not perfect in any sense yet I will no longer straddle the fence. I have come to the end of me. To the beginning at dark Calvary. My saviors voice echoed in pain Now his mercy is all that remains. For Jesus himself alone understands how I feel as a child without both hands. I do not any longer languish in sorrow for my God has arisen and he holds tomorrow.

Candace Casey aka Cccasey5150


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