Unlock Her Legs: Mobile


This makes me sick even thinking about the fact that any man would do this garbage to get the upper hand in a relationship. Oh wait these guys aren’t actually interested in “relationships” after all women to them are nothing but uncharted territory to be plowed. Guess what my brothers : Some women wont hook up with you even if they are attracted to you for the following reasons1 Some of us live by a moral code that forbids us from even engaging in hookup culture. 2 A woman seeks a man who treats her as an equal, when the guys around us whom we adore and admire make it clear that they adore and admire us we reciprocate and tbh assuming every girl you meet is in fact attracted to you only serves to make you look like an arrogant bastard. No self respecting woman on the planet wants to be nothing more than some macho meat heads arm candy. Seriously boys get over yourselves before she looks over you. Your problem lies herein: you are relating to women as if we think like you do. You falsely assume encouraging us and making us feel like royalty we will treat you like peasants when the reverse is actually true when you treat a good woman as a queen she will rightly acknowledge you as her king. If she doesn’t she is not the one but clearly you are not wise enough to understand or care because you are so preoccupied with quantity you have forgotten and forsaken quality. In the end your “bad boy” reputation will prove your undoing when you finally decide you have met the “one”and you will have no one to blame but yourselves. How sad.

Candace Casey aka Cccasey5150


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