Should You Tell a Woman She’s Beautiful?

Another idiotic article from the dreaded pick up artist community that makes assumptions about how men think women feel or think as if we are all just carbon copies of one another. You want to know what happens boys when you play these kind of archaic games with a womans heart.? You open up her deepest insecurities make her doubt herself to the point
where if she has a modicum of brains or self respect she flees from your presence and into the arms of the first man with whom she feels safe and validated by. What men seem not to comprehend is even that “hot” chick you assume knows that she is stunning has insecurities. Trust me on this one even Supermodels have at one time cried themselves to sleep at night because they wished they could be someone else. While not automatically telling a woman that she is beautiful may have some merit particularly if the woman in question is the intellectual type most women have insecurities but a man who uses these insecurities to his advantage has already proven himself unworthy of her. Why do you think so many young women develop crushes on older men? Because they for the most part dont play these childish games The answer is simple a woman looks to a man for the security she sometimes lacks in her own heart. So if you want nothing more than a conquest go ahead and be that jerk (also if you want every self respecting woman you ever meet to lose all respect for you go ahead)in my estimation a man who employs this type of technique is one small step away from being a rapist. A self respecting woman can not be “conned” into going to bed with you she either goes of her own free will or she doesnt its that simple.

Candace Casey aka Cccasey5150


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