Barbie gets more realistic with 3 new body types and 7 skin colors Barbie gets a makeover! I cannot be the only feminist excited about the fact that Mattel is broadening barbies horizons by including more diverse representations of Americas favorite doll.Barbies were as popular for little girls during my own childhood as they are now in my daughters Destiny.As her mommy I could not help but feel somewhat amused and proud when I bought her her first barbie and she promptly removed one of the arms so that her barbie “looked more like mommy” when my toddler is aware of the fact that a dolls body type is unrealistic its about time that the manufacturer gets on board.I cant wait to see these new dolls on the shelves.

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Feminism in a Nutshell :Redefining the F word for the Modern woman Here is an appealing  list of All of the  reasons I don’t  fear being referred to  as a feminist : This article summed up  pretty much everything I have  ever tried to  express about the  “Feminist “label. Let me  just start by saying that  as an Evangelical Christian  I run in interesting circles amongst people who  misconstrue what feminism was or is intended to be  about and truth be told that was part of the reason I  initially shyed  away from  using that label. However as I looked back on my academic and  spiritual career I noted that  all of  my heroes were in fact self identified feminists  from Sojourner Truths “Ain’t  I a woman? ” speech that first enticed me while writing my fifth grade book report to  the story of  Elizabeth Blackwell’s struggle to be taken seriously as the first female  MD, to one of  my favorite poems  Maya Angelou’s “phenomenal woman “.I do not  fear being referred to  as a “Christian “because  some uneducated individuals assume that  I am some kind of  Bible wielding  psycho intent on  blowing  up abortion clinics. I  understand that  several influential people from  Mlk, to Mother Theresa also identified  as Christians and  for the  most  part  even post homously are considered  respectable and  influential  people . In the  same  vein many noteworthy women  including the  Suffragettes,  women who  risked their very lives in order to grant us the right to vote,  to work outside the  home or even to access birth control  recognized and identified  proudly with the  Feminist label. I am  proud to  consider myself a kindred spirit and  an ally with those who  believe that  a woman’s place is wherever she chooses it to be  that is feminism in a Nutshell  to me.

Candace Casey aka Cccasey5150

The mythological place we all know as “The Friends zone “.

Rejection is a pretty uniform aspect of the human experience. No matter how amazing, attractive or talented an individual might be; there will always be those who just don’t see it. Elvis Presley the king of rock and roll himself was once told by a talent agent that he couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket and he should just stick to truck driving .There are many other noteworthy and influential individuals who basically stumbled upon success while trying to achieve certain goals like the woman who accidently invented Kevlar or the Scientist who accidently discovered penicillin. In a similar fashion I have always considered the male concept of the” friend zone “to be a particularly perplexing anomaly. What I find to be somewhat humorous is the simple fact that many of the same young men who waste their precious time complaining that “girls are only into assholes often find themselves “smitten “with young women who might be physically attractive but possess terrible personalities. It’s an insane double standard that superficiality is acceptable in the male of the species but is somehow contemptible in the female of the same species. I have two brothers who are very close to the same age as I am, so I have often been the only girl around in a house full of guys.
It never ceases to amaze and astound me how guys appear to view male/female relations. For example, a girl with a huge crush on her closest guy friend doesn’t generally claim that he has “friend zoned”her if he doesn’t automatically reciprocate her feelings. In fact as women we generally understand that our crush /friend feeling the exact same way about us as we do about them is far more likely to occur in a romantic comedy than in real life. We in no way feel entitled to male attention. We accept the sometimes harsh reality that there are dozens ( and more) attractive women out there and like it or not we may not always be our crushes first choice. In fact we may not even be on his radar as far as a potential romantic partner is concerned. Perhaps other women might feel differently I do not know. I cannot speak for anyone other than myself. As a woman with an outwardly visible disability

not being rejected by the opposite sex for me was at times the anomaly. When I was very young I had a close male friend we will call him K, that I eventually developed romantic feelings toward. I never in a million years would have claimed that he “friend zoned ” me I in fact saw him as beyond my reach and was far more afraid of him finding out how I felt about him and him becoming uncomfortable around me and possibly
eventually losing his friendship over it. I could not bear the thought of losing him as a friend so telling him about my feelings for him was out of the question. Unfortunately a mutual friend divulged my secret to him against my wishes. To my surprise he seemed flattered rather than repulsed by the”revelation “he let me down far more gently and with greater kindness than I expected. In hindsight remembering who he was and how he conducted himself I am not sure why his kindness surpised me except that he spoke at that time with the wisdom and maturity of someone much older than he actually was. We actually remained close until his family moved away that year and though we saw each other again inHigh school we had drifted apart andI was far too shy and afraid at that time to attempt at reestablishing that original “connection “.In my heart I never stopped caring for him and still smile when I hear his namebut I have moved on. He taught me so much about so many things: friendship, love courage and most importantly cherishing the time that you spend with the people who are closest to you because we never know how much or how little we might have. Yet it remains a mystery me how guys still refer to a girl expressing a desire to just be friends as the “friends zone ” because for me personally every notable or enduring relationship that I have ever been a part of had at one time began in that notorious place. Then again I am the type of person who tends to be very selective with even my friendships. I don’t mean this as a symbol superiority nor am I a “snob”on the contrary though I present a tough” exterior ” I am actually a very vulnerable and sensitive person that only feels”safe” confiding in certain individuals. Maintaining my own sense of dignity often dictates that that number remain small. In any case if I don’t like a guy enough to consider him a friend first it is literally impossible for me to fall in love with him. As far as men or women who feel “entitled to sex ” ,I am a monogamist to my very core. I could never engage in a one night stand or have sex with someone that I felt no emotional or spiritual connection with. Fortunately for me I don’t have to; because I decided years ago to; marrymy current best friend and this May we will be celebrating our 8th wedding Anniversary. I guess good things really do come to those who wait.

Candace Casey aka Cccasey5150
I remember reading the famous letter from  a Birmingham jail in one of my  English text books while I  was in college. Yesterday was Martin Luther King  Jr day and  I was just thinking about what  Mlk  might actually think about the current state of  “race relations” in the  US. I  wonder how  he would feel knowing  that  there is a black man  in the  white  house  ,or in the face that there was a “warning “about the usage of the  word  “Negro” being contained in this  article  because Negro is now considered an outdated and  negative or racist terminology. I  also sadly think of  how he might feel knowing that just a few days ago I  read something like this on my google plus  profile  page “having  dated a black man  makes  you trash”in response to  my commentary on  an experimental video  made entitled “do white women like  black  men?”.The person who  directed this comment towards me doesn’t know me or anything about me. She doesn’t know that I  was pretty much single for most of my life, or that I  never had sex with the man I was talking about. Even amongst my high school friends hearing that  dating a black man  was “disgusting “because of  ignorant assumptions that a. A black Mans owns is larger than average  or B.That I was having sex with any man I was dating. Funnily enough  I am  the kind of girl  who was always highly selective about who I  chose to date because I was born missing a limb and guys in my experience had a tendency to assume that having a physical deformity would translate into being “insecure and easy”but to be honest I  have always been more afraid of ending up with a guy who doesn’t appreciate me than I  was in ending up alone. In any case  I sometimes am appalled at how  little  progress has been made
In the area of race relations  .Yes our  Nation now has it’s first black president  but considering how many people  have  taken to publicly criticizing our president and how unpopular he is in some circles  I wonder if  things have really changed all at once. Even a friend  I had known for years who knows that I am not  racist  made a reference to  “the nigger in the white house “.I also remember reading James Baldwins “Notes of a Native son”during my first year  in college and  I find it interesting that  he and  Mlk  , while they chose to express it quite differently  held similar feelings regarding  segregation even though  MlK was living in the  South and James  Baldwin in Harlem
.I as a Christian also think   a great  deal of  what  MlK said regarding  the complacency within  the church and larger religious community resonated with me. I  will discuss that at length in my  next blog post.

‘Good Guy’ Donald Trump Wants You To Know He Has a ‘Great Relationship’ with God Relationship  Status  with God? Sounds  slightly  sacrilegious to me.

While I  don’t  feel it’s my place to offer an opinion  on Donald Trump’s relationship with  God,  not all of us who identify as “Evangelical “feel the business tycoon  is a good  potential president candidate material. The man is just  not in touch with  the working class  at any estimation and to be honest  as someone of Mexican  descent  I am not  a fan of  his policy on immigration. I  also think  that  Mr Trump has erroneously confused “political backing “with a “relationship “they really aren’t the same  thing. In any instance  all of  those of us  who truly  believe  understand that there is no such thing  as a relationship  with  God without  a very  basic understanding  of forgiveness, grace and  mercy. We do not sing songs  like  Amazing  Grace or The old Rugged  Cross without  an actual view of the  cross in mind. In fact Christianity without the  Cross might as well  be modern self help with  a new agey spin. I  prefer my gospel  straight  no watering down the  living  waters thanks.